Drowsy Water Ranch

What could be better than an authentic western experience at a private mountain valley resort in Colorado? According to Travelers’ Choice Award … nothing! Voted by travelers as the 2010 #1 favorite all inclusive resort from over 700 worldwide all inclusive vacation destinations, the Drowsy Water Ranch is an adventure of a lifetime.

Drowsy Water RanchThe  Drowsy Water Ranch has a 90 year history of welcoming families and visitors from all over the world to experience the beauty of their unique dude ranch . Trail riding through the backcountry of the Colorado rocky mountains is not only the primary activity, but an unforgettable experience. They take pride in the over 100 head of horses on site, and each guest is carefully paired with their horse according to riding ability to maximize learning and overall experience. Daily clinics, learner trail walks and advance trail gallops across a variety of terrains are available to improve the proficiency of each guest rider.

Horseback riding

The accommodations at Drowsy Water Ranch range to accommodate singles, couples, families and large groups. While not losing their historical essence, cabins have been remodeled to offer visitors a cozy, comfortable, clean stay with all the comforts of home. Guests can choose the all inclusive package that best meets their desires for a weekend, midweek or full week stay.
Drowsy Water Ranch

A highlight for visitors at Drowsy Water Ranch is always the food. With recipes that have been passed down for generations, they boast of some of the best western style food available anywhere. Although most meals are served in the dining room, guests are treated on occasion to mountain top breakfasts, chuck wagon lunches and open hearth barbeques. With delicious breads and baked goods, and memorable main courses, guests always enjoy the variety, and abundance, of the tasty meals served at Drowsy Water Ranch.

It is no wonder Drowsy Water Ranch ranks so favorably with Trip Advisor, Family Vacation Critic and Travelers’ Choice. With kids programs, ranch activities and special events that complement the horse riding focused experience, guests have plenty of ways to enjoy their stay. With a reputation for hospitality, and quality, the Drowsy Water Ranch family show personal attention to each guest that walks through their doors.

Drowsy Water Ranch

Without a doubt, a dude ranch vacation is an experience that creates memories. Many experiences are often the 1st of its kind, and create a unique bond with families and friends as they share these together.  At Drowsy Water Ranch, they share the beauty of the natural surroundings with their guests, and invite visitors to build a special connection with riding horses. Whether beginner, intermediate or experience rider, everyone can learn something new about riding at the ranch. Every aspect of a vacation a Drowsy Water Ranch has been especially prepared, from the accommodations and food, to the activities and clinics, towards maximizing the enjoyment of your stay. With affordable options for their all inclusive packages, many guests return year after year, preferring Drowsy Water  over any other vacation destination. As an outstanding dude ranch vacation spot, the family invites all to come experience the beauty of Drowsy Water Ranch.

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