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Are you tired of booking the same type of vacation every year? Are you interested in booking something new and exciting for you and your family or friends? How about a dude ranch vacation this year? Let RanchSeeker guide you to a new destination, a new experience, that will not only invigorate you physically, but will nurture your spirit of adventure and open up new horizons using our Dude Ranch Finder.

RanchSeeker’s Dude Ranch Finder will help you plan your ultimate dude ranch vacation in a snap! RanchSeeker dude ranches offer a wide variety of activities from horseback riding for beginners to daylong treks for the more experienced rider, from swimming in pristine lakes to heated indoor pools; tennis, hiking, water rafting and so much more. Dude ranch vacations are ideal for singles, couples, families and other diverse groups.

Dude Ranch Finder

Pick your geographical location and destination category

Our Dude Ranch Finder takes all of the guess work out of planning your next dude ranch vacation and keeps it simple with our easy-to-use- search form. You don’t need to wade through pages and pages of information before deciding on your ideal dude ranch. To get started choose a geographical region that appeals to you. Are you interested in Western Canada, North West USA, Mexico or another region? Once you have decided just check off the region and if you are unsure of where you want to go that’s ok too just pick all of the regions. Next choose what type of guest ranch experience you would like to have on your next dude ranch vacation. We even provide a useful guide that explains about each destination category.

Pick your activities and services

After that, choose which activities and services are important to you on your dude ranch vacation. Do you want a dude ranch that offers fly-fishing, overnight pack trips, a swimming pool, a wedding venue, spa services, birding, cowboy cookouts or yoga? There are so many activities to choose from so be sure to check every box that interests you. Now you are ready to think about price. You can select as many options as you want based on how much you would like to spend per night at one of RanchSeeker’s dude ranches.

Pick your month and price range

Finally, when would you like to go? Do you want a dude ranch vacation in the winter so you can cross country ski or take a sleigh ride or would rather the fall, spring or summer? Choose a month or several months that appeal to you for your guest ranch vacation. Once you are done be sure to click on SEARCH and a list of all of the dude ranches that match your specific search criteria will be returned. Now comes the fun part. You can read about each ranch and add them to your “list” and then make direct contact with the ranch owner/operator by sending them an enquiry and ask them for more details if necessary and/or make your dude ranch reservation. Our dude ranch listings feature photos, special offers and many of them have You Tube videos so that you can get a better idea of each ranch.

Now read about the ranch and send an enquiry to book!

What are you waiting for? Check out our Dude Ranch Finder today and book your next guest ranch vacation.

Happy Trails


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