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Scribble a Cattle Drive on Your Bucket List Now!

Friday, August 7th, 2015

Cattle drives were an important economic activity in the American West two centuries ago. Historians believed 20 million cattle were herded from Texas to Kansas before they were shipped to stockyards in Chicago and other cities in the east. While there are many cattle drives taking part in the west, this part of cowboy culture is vividly alive at some of the best dude ranches in North America.

If you haven’t experienced the joy and thrill of a cattle drive, here are five reasons that’ll drive you (pardon the pun!) to locate a dude ranch hosting this activity.

#1) Stepping into Cowboys’ Boots

Cowboys earned their name by herding and tending to cattle on the ranches of North America. Their distinctive gear, which comprises of high-crowned cowboy hats, high-heeled boots, leather chaps, spurs, and a rifle/pistol, has always fascinated people, especially on movie screens. With President Theodore Roosevelt further popularizing the American cowboy image through his writings, it’s no wonder that you’d want to be a cowboy yourself.

However, just stepping into cowboy gear won’t be enough for those who truly want to immerse themselves into this world. You need to get your hands dirty to appreciate their heritage; and what better way to do so than participating in a cattle drives? In addition to learning how to handle a large herd, you’ll enjoy the same feelings, smells and sounds which thousands of cowboys experienced before you.


Cattle Drive at Laramie River Ranch

#2) Discovering the Best Scenery Nature Offers

Most dude ranches are located near spring and summer pastures that allow you to appreciate the best of what Mother Nature has to offer. Cattle rides allow you to enjoy the wildest and most beautiful country. While riding, you’re bound to be mesmerized by the scenery surrounding you and even experienced wildlife up close and personal. Just think – the same scenes before you have attracted hundreds of city slickers in the past, driving them to set make their home there before opening it up to you and other guests.


Burnt Well Guest Ranch

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

A Dude Ranch in Alien-Friendly Roswell

Though Roswell, New Mexico has made a name for itself through the UFO crash in 1947, it’s also home to the Burnt Well Guest Ranch. This is one of the best places to reconnect with yourself, nature and your family. The New Mexico ranch has been around for three generations since 1950 but became a guest ranch in 2003. If you’re looking for a place where you can unwind yet still enjoy an adventure, read on to find out why Burnt Well may be what you seek.

Burnt Well Ranch

The History of Burnt Well Guest Ranch

In the early 1900s, the land on which Burnt Well was established was a popular grazing area where cowboys brought their cattle. However, when the Homestead Act was enacted, settlers moved in. According to the act, if they could live off the land for a year, they could earn a section of it easily. To rattle settlers on this land, cowboys from Bloom Cattle Co. burned the wooden windmill tower the former put up and threw its posts down a well on the property. This is why the area became known as Burnt Well camp.

By 1950, Ivan Chesser purchased the land and raised his family. His son Kim, who was born and raised on the ranch, decided to carry on his father’s legacy. Kim loved the ranch way of life, but loved interacting with people more. After marrying Patricia, a native of New Mexico, he turned his home into a guest ranch whereby they could both treat visitors to long horseback rides, ole country food, and fiddle music at night around an evening campfire.


Ranch Spotlight-Laramie River Ranch

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

The Newest Old Ranch in Colorado

For those who have dreamt of becoming real cowboys or those who simply desire the rustic western lifestyle, Laramie River Ranch is ideal. Nestled in the majestic Rocky Mountains, the ranch flaunts scenic surroundings with views of wildlife such as antelope, elk and moose. It also boasts a wide range of activities and even a kids’ program, earning it a spot on the 100 Best All-Inclusive Resorts of the World and Jim Balzotti’s Best Guest Ranches and Horseback Riding Vacations.

Laramie River Ranch

Laramie River Ranch – Yesterday and Today

According to many of the ranch’s structures, Laramie River Ranch dates all the way back to the 1880s. At the time, Glendevey, Colorado was home to numerous ranches due to its beautiful surroundings and proximity to the city (just 45 minutes). Since then, the ranch changed hands until it was sold to Bill and Krista Burleigh. In addition to changing the ranch’s name from UT Bar Dude Ranch, the couple and their children have worked to make this rustic 1,360-acre ranch an attraction for modern travelers.

The historic lodge built in the 1880s features a stone fireplace, a large living room and a dining room that offers a view of the Rawah peaks. Complementing these are climate controls, electronics and modern amenities you may need during your stay. There are also five historic log cabins which were constructed from the local forest’s lumber by hand. In addition to offering similar amenities to those in the lodge, you get a personal cookie jar that is refilled daily whenever the room is cleaned.

Laramie River Ranch

What to Expect While Visiting Laramie River Ranch

The cozy accommodation options with modern facilities are just one of the things which make this dude ranch worth visiting. If you’re in Colorado between June 7 and September 13, 2015, here are some reasons to consider residing at Laramie River Ranch.

Rustic, 100% Original Western Menu

If there’s one thing which this dude ranch knows for sure, it’s that guests tend to develop healthy appetites. To ensure that you enjoy every aspect, the dude ranch offers informal, western meals served family style. Starting from ranch baked breads to authentic cowboy desserts, your palate will enjoy every morsel entering your mouth. Complementing the food is beautiful views of the nearby Rawah Peaks and Laramie River.

Fun Activities for Families, Couples and Singles

There’s no end to the fun and excitement offered at the ranch. In addition to horseback riding and hiking, you can take part in many guided activities such as wild flower walks, bird watching, stargazing, and casting animal tracks. You can also pick up a few ranch-related tricks such as grooming and saddling your horse or roping. If you’re the kind of person who goes with the flow, do so literally at the Laramie River. You can float down the river via innertube before reaching the lodge. However, if you’d rather stay wet and indoors, you’re welcome to take a dip in the hot tub.

Laramie River Ranch

Special Program for Children

Laramie River Ranch offers three programs for children: Toddlers and Infants, Kids Under Six, and Kids Six and Over. Through the first program, babysitters will take care of your toddlers while creating programs around your schedule. For those under six, counselors will arrange for children to take part in adventures such as pony rides, swimming in a great hole, and hay rides. Finally, kids over six can participate in the riding program to explore the valley’s ecosystem. They’re also welcome to guided rides, tubing, fishing, and bonfires among age-appropriate activities

Entertainment Options Indoors

To make evenings fun at the ranch, live musical entertainment is offered. From cowboy poetry to fiddle players and all the way to cowboys with guitars, rest assured that no minute is boring. You can even join other guests and the crew while square dancing, regardless of having two left feet.

Exciting Rodeo Show

By staying at this dude ranch, you can easily take part in the area’s popular rodeo show. Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo (July 17-26, 2015) is the daddy of all rodeos, dating all the way to 1872. The event includes numerous shows such as steer wrestling, bareback bronc and team roping. The rodeo also features historical attractions like the Indian Village and the Old West Museum.

Laramie River Ranch

Action-Packed Cattle Drives

What’s a cowboy without cattle? Laramie River Ranch offers you the chance to be part of its bi-weekly cattle gathering and “team pen” activities. You can even participate in moving the cows and calves of neighboring ranches during spring or fall, but you should call ahead for dates.

Laramie River Ranch

The Bottom Line

Promising visitors the real deal, Laramie River Ranch promises to make your visit to Colorado a memorable one. For a minimum of $956 for three nights (Sun-Wed), you can enjoy all the ranch’s offerings and even tag your family along for a fun-filled holiday. To learn more about the ranch, direct your URL to

A Closer Look at Laughing Water Ranch

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

A Unique Trail Riding Ranch in the Rocky Mountains

Nestled in the Kootenai National Forest at 3,200 ft. on top of Montana’s northern Rockies, Laughing Water Ranch offers visitors a look at the pristine beauty which made the Kootenai and Salish Indian tribes fall in love with the place. Close to the Glacier Park and Whitefish and Columbia Falls, the dude ranch promises miles and miles of trails spread across its 200 acres of rolling timber and pasture land.

Laughing water ranch

What Makes the Ranch at Laughing Water Special

Whether you’re in the mood for adventure or simply relaxing, the Ranch at Laughing Water offers the amenities you’ll need and more. To learn about what you can expect during your stay, skim through the following points.

Variety of Accommodation Options – There are three accommodation choices for you to pick from: Large Family Cabin, Duplex Cabins and Main Lodge Rooms. The first option comes with two bedrooms and an open loft. Large enough to accommodate 12 individuals, the cabin features a western theme and is surrounded by Montana’s unique beauty. The duplex cabins provide guests with their own private bath and covered porch. As for the lodge’s 4 two-room suites, these allow visitors full access to the dining and game rooms in the building. You can also snuggle up in front of the fire at the center of the family room, dining room, and adult lounge.

Numerous Fun Activities that Match the Season – Open during both summer and winter, the ranch offers a variety of activities for both seasons. During summer, you can enjoy horseback riding, fishing, swimming, and hiking. You also get a day at Glacier Park where you enjoy horseback rides by day, white water raft trips in the afternoon, and a rodeo show in the evening. Meanwhile, in winter, you can ride in the snow and enjoy activities such as snow shoeing and cross country skiing. In addition, you get a day out to enjoy dog sledding.